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Economic Democracy, the Market Socialism proposed by David Schweickart (Chicago): Here

Economic democracy, the market socialism, suggested from David Schweickart (Chicago): Here

What is the "GRAVEL PATH"? This is my sort " market economy without capitalism "
( to call perhaps also market socialism), with the following aims:

For an alternative economic theory which distinguishes between market economy and capitalism, and with which one can explain(express) where from the trouble of capitalism come, also poverty, exploitation, growth constraint, supremacy of the finance markets and the capital about the working population.

For the derivation of a classless market economy – in which the wealth of the world does not belong any more only to a minority, is but the whole population, so that firstly the trouble(need) past and secondly the economy(business) is democratized because we do not stand with the quarrel between capital and work any more only on one of these both sides(pages), but both sides(pages) meet in every people(persons), so that we can freely decide all how much work we want to use to the production of the BIP, and how much of the BIP we want to lead to the consumption or the capital growth.

( Incidentally: GRAVEL = capital income replacing addition salary, this is a property balance and poverty overcoming measure which causes more than one believes first. It has to do with wealth tax and rearrangement. More info see below.)

Content of this website (read update 23rd April, 2006)

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ATTAC things

23.6.03: There are found some documents which I have created(provided) (or other) for Attac


A new 31.7.02: a 14-sided article on the subject " Is offering of capital a performance(achievement)? About the incorrect same settlement of capital and work as a "factor performance" – the intrinsic error of the current economy. " Content: which mistake have does the current market economy? Why do the occupational economists not see the mistake? Why do most capitalism critics also not recognize this system mistake? How can one repair the mistake? – some ATTACies have already begun to study this.


Derivation of a market economy without capitalism on only 25 sides(pages).

Letter in Attac.pdf

A new 31.7.02: a letter of me to the chiefs of ATTAC and WEED in which I plead for it in the demand catalogue ATTAC against the point " poverty fight " and " balance between empire and arm " and " rearrangement from above downwards " higher to hang. (I believe, these points are at least as important as the Tobin-Tax which is at the top up to now always.) Sven Giegold (Verden, Germany ATTAC) has answered to me very friendly to it.

Book9901. PDF

My book " market economy instead of capitalism: wealth for all " (from January, 1999), entirely (200 sides(pages), 640 kByte), as a pdf file, readably with Acrobat reader. It is also download-cash in 6 small, handy parts whose links follow here.

Book9901c0. PDF

From this book the part 0: title, content, glossary

Book9901c1. PDF

Book, chapter 1: introduction, edited version of the "GRAVEL PATH". (Motto: " The ready-made solution: more GRAVEL. " However, it is believed more serious than the motto sounds.)

Book9901c2. PDF

Book, chapter 2: the current economy(business). An analysis, leaned to the " capital ", volume(tape) 1, 2, 3, from Marx.

Book9901c3. PDF

Book, chapter 3: antithesis: a purely rationally organized, however utopian economy(business).

Book9901c4. PDF

Book, chapter 4: synthesis: the market economy without capitalism.

Book9901c5. PDF

Book, chapter 5 to 7: What do? Conclusion. Pamphlets and letters to the editor.


Less government(state): gravel transfer without tax office!

Deliver. PDF

Reprint (14 sides(pages)) from my lecture on the CGW meeting, Munich 16.10.01: " Economy(business) with delivering ". (CGW = Christians for fair economic system. However, one must not be a church member;-))

Zinstheo. PDF

A small interest theory from which it comes out that to the preservation of the socially necessary capital amount (incl. subject capital) in general a positive interest rate is inevitable – also with a possible money accumulation fee. Since capital is a stored work performed: there is not them free. – this paper is directed at the "free business persons", and especially at Helmut Creutz, and against the belief ruling with the "free landlords" in the possibility of the overcoming of the capital expenses.

Right to strike. PDF

A critical inquiry how the "free economy" stands to the right to strike, in view of the motto of Silvio Gesell: " All wheels must run, the capital ersaufen should go. "


A new 31.7.02: letter to the editor to the seminar for liberal order (attn. Fritz Andre) to the print of an article of Dieter Suhr " same freedom " in " questions of the freedom ", Dec., 2001. Content: It is jammerschade, that a D. Suhr, although he(it) had recognized the breach of the constitution of capitalism no better measure saw than they, " to set the money under pressure " (instead of the capital!). Also one more time the wrong pig is killed here: the money, instead of the capital.


A new 31.7.02: a trick article: a tit for tat on the funny Robinsonade of Silvio Gesell. While with Silvio the naked, penniless stranger gives to rich Robinson a lesson in "free money theory" after which the interest must fall on 0, wins in my version Robinson, while he(it) explains to the penniless that this is completely dependent on Robinson's supplies – but from pity Robinson, nevertheless, does the present of an interest-free survival credit to the arm.


A new 31.7.02: a letter to the editor to the South German newspaper from April, 2002, title: " More contest of the capital owners – the market economy is still at the half strong age. " The SZ already had the layout for the print finishedly (it was sent to me); then it occured(it fell in) to the responsible suddenly that they for a such expression of opinion enough square centimeters of place(square) do not have in the valuable printing element. The editors Volker Wörl, Nicholas Piper will agree etc probably, nevertheless, to face – so.

( You can do the Acrobat of readers to the reading of pdf files free downloaden from:

http: // www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/readstep.html)

Short aim definition of this website:

This website is the result of my efforts of many years towards an understanding of capitalism and market economy, and the search for a lasting, substantiated solution of the problems which this economy(business) produces constantly (or not overcomes, although she(it) probably takes care lastingly of it;-)). Besides, I have studied as main sources follower:

After I believed to have understood this economy(business) in their(her) main features (what also includes to see through the wrong representations which are very common at the university in the field(compartment) business administration and VWL), I have tried, an alternative, or more modest: to develop a suggestion for improvement for this economy(business). The result (of the groschen fell with me approx. 1995) my demand for " market economy is without capitalism " (a notion which is also applied in the so-called "free economy", but by the solution of the interest question I deviate from the free economy). This new " third way " is marked by:

A lot of enjoyment while rummaging on this website! Throw, e.g., as the next a look in the file Fehler-Kapital-als-Leistung.pdf in which is tried to work out the principal defect by which the market economy "has "degenerated" to capitalism; then you can look at MOK8.pdf behind which a definition of "market economy" and "capitalism" hides itself, as well as a sketch of the way how one can free first from the latter, and also a clarification how this way behaves to him what suggests the "free economy" after Silvio Gesell.

Once then you can look at part 0 and part of 1 book strong of my 200 sides(pages) " market economy instead of capitalism ". In part 0, e.g., the "glossary" is already very informative which contains definitions of the notions "Goods", "Money", "Wealth" etc. – this book is replaced incidentally with opportunity(occasion) with a new version in which mine will be worked in (already by hand present) corrections – among other things also the headword "interest" in the glossary.

Besides, I am constantly to develop the original gravel suggestion in the direction that possibly interests and capital profits do not flow at all only to the "capitalists", also into the wrong hands, but for the most part directly to the working who have earned the claim to capital income to themselves by their(her) work. Also " GRAVEL directly " (instead of on the detour about the tax office) how one can express it. – in the file Deliver. PDF the first step is already outlined in this direction, the StEuro. And the researches go on! This would also be a beautiful subject for dissertations or doctoral theses in the area(field) of the (alternative) national economics!

Tips and feedback of each type are welcome.

Achim Brandt, Munich

email: Achim@KIESweg.de

Here still some other useful links. (Indication: only the operators of these sides(pages) are responsible for the contents of the recommended here and / or with links to provided Internet pages of foreign / third offerers! I administer only my own website www. KIESweg.de)

Visit the homepage of the seminar for liberal order (SFFO) and subscribieren you to yourselves there for the mail Verteildienst forum@fto.de, then you receive perhaps interesting contributions from the area the third way sent. (However, at the moment the activity on the mail forum SFFO is low.) the SFFO homepage is:

http: // www.sffo.de

The forums named up to now are mainly from the area of the so-called "free economy" where a "money reform" with the aim of the lowering of interest rates and abolition of the capital income is seen as the solution. Anyhow, undependent on this objective the forums are interesting discussion-platforms on the subject " economy change in direction of the third way ".

However, much more importantly is ATTAC, because is not only discussed with ATTAC, but also is acted, and vice versa. See

http: // www.attac.de/

Specially for inhabitant of Munich and surroundings the homepage of Munich ATTAC is important:

http: // www.attac-muenchen.org/

and the indications to the working groups (AKs), under:

http: // www.attac-muenchen.org/arbeitskreise.php

Meanwhile, I visit the AK " work and social and bases " (each 2nd Wednesday in the month – in August). The AKs take place around 19:00 in the (EWH) in Schwanthalerstrasse 80, Munich, immediately near the FGTU house.

Incidentally there is good co-operation between ATTAC and IGMetall and ATTAC and ver.di. Clicks on the ATTAC PAGE for more info. { ATTAC PAGE}

And here still another third person way address:

http: // www. DritterWeg.de


Achim Brandt, Munich

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